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The love of travel and a maiden trip to Rome in 1977 were instrumental in the development of Pinnacle Travel & Tours. At that time, Gregory W. Kuns, a college student (now managing partner of Pinnacle Travel & Tours), was invited by Father Paul Mueller, Pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Fremont, Ohio,  to accompany him on a trip to Rome. Instantly fascinated with the Eternal City and its culture, this was the first of Greg's 150+ adventures to Rome and other European cities. This fascination with Europe runs in the Kuns family. Greg's daughter Madelaine, fluent in Italian, is a graduate of the American University of Rome and resides in Rome, Italy. The Kuns family's frequent trips to Rome incited the interest of friends and family; often being consulted about arranging trips or accompanying others on their own Roman adventures. Greg's love of Rome and Europe evolved into a desire and vocation to help others not merely sightseeing, but to “Live the Experience”. Pinnacle Travel & Tours' highly specialized small group tours achieve just that. ~Ciao



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Gregory W. Kuns ~ Managing Partner of Pinnacle Holding which owns and operates Pinnacle Travel & Tours and Pinnacle Capital Management, a graduate of St. Joseph Central Catholic and the University of Findlay. Greg has extensive travel experience, having traveled to Rome and other Italian cities 150+ times. He serves as an Tour Escort.

Mary Kuns ~ Managing partner of Pinnacle Travel and Tours and Travel Consultant. Mary is Greg's wife of 35 years, a graduate of St. Joseph Central Catholic and holds a master’s degree from the Medical College of Ohio.

Madelaine Kuns-Bruschini ~ Travel Director and Office Manager of the Rome, Italy office of Pinnacle Travel & Tours. She is Greg and Mary's daughter, is a graduate of St. Joseph Central Catholic and the American University of Rome.

Francesco Bruschini ~ Travel Consultant for the Rome, Italy office and a native of Rome, Italy. Francesco holds a Degree in Antique Art.

Melvin M. Sayler~ Travel Consultant, Fremont office.  Mel’s hosted many Foreign Exchange Students, leading to a life of travel over the last 15 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religion from Liberty University and is a member of The Florence Church, Florence, OH.  Mel worked several years with Greg in the Banking Industry before becoming a Hospice Chaplain.  Mel has traveled to over 20 foreign countries from Honduras to China with a focus on Italy.  He continues to work with missions in Central America.

Andrea Avitablile ~ Travel Consultant for the Rome, Italy office and a native of Rome, Italy. Andrea holds a degree in English language and literature and a degree in modern history.

Wade Kuns ~ School Tour Escort. He is the son of Greg and Mary, a graduate of St. Joseph Central Catholic and holds his master's degree from Ohio State University in history and education.

Meghan Kuns ~ School Tour Escort, a graduate of Napoleon High School, holding her master's degree from Ohio State University in History and Education.

Keisha Kuns ~ School Tour Escort. Keisha is a graduate of Fremont Ross High School. She holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and a masters of art in School Program Counseling both from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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