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Thanks for the pic and all of your help before, during, and after our trip. We are all aware of all the work that you put into this massive undertaking. Greg probably told you that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the train trip, the scenery was so impressive and the train was very comfortable.
Oh and we did make it to Giuseppe's gelato shop and yes it was the best of the trip. It was funny I was expecting a 5' tall, 80 year old grey headed Italian man, well he didn't really fit those specs. ha-ha. :)

Thanks again, Marty and Kathy.

Greg and Jenny did a great job also!


Greg, Chris and Jenny, 

Greg thank you for putting together and conducting such an outstanding trip.  Jackie and I really enjoyed this wonderful experience and opportunity to be with everyone.  Thanks to you, Chris 

 Jackie and I agree a 150%.  This was a phenomenal trip that took a lot of planning and coordination on ya'lls part.  Nanette said it so clearly this shall forever be a trip that will always be in our memories.  This I attributed it to ya'lls hard work and spectacular support.  Know you all were beat.  We were exhausted to say the least.   

 Jackie and I had such a great time.  It was our third time to Rome and it was unsurpassed thanks to you and everyone on the trip. 

Randy & Jackie Pais – Texas 16-May-2017


I'm still soaring on the memories of our spectacular Pilgrimage and vacation to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. 

I can't thank you all enough! It was truly the vacation of my life.  

I look forward to working with you Greg to plan my parent's adventures in Paris!  

Love to all!! 

Catie MacKrell – Texas  16-May-2017 


Dear Greg, Jenny and Chris,

Thanks for a wonderful two weeks and the almost perfect weather!  Bernie and I have some memories we will treasure into our old age (older age???)  I have been on an Italian cooking jag since I returned!  Mama Mia!!! 

You guys were great! 


Nannette & Bernie Coons - Texas 16-May-2017 


We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was a wonderful experience! With walking ten miles a day I did not gain a pound even with wine, desserts, gelatos, and croissants every day. That is a plus. Harold and I ended up with six rolling bags plus each a backpack. We survived and made it home with nothing broken! Send this to Jenny for me. I want to thank her for all of her help especially in finding bathrooms! Also, she was helpful with my luggage on those rugged streets where the wheels do not work very well. If you or Jenny are ever in Houston let us know. Would love to meet up with you again. Thanks again for a fabulous trip.  

Theresa & Harold Schambach - Texas 16-May-2017


My experience in Rome has given me a greater appreciation for m y faith. Pinnacle Travel & Tours took care of all the arrangements, thus eliminating any apprehension traveling inagoreign country. They thought of everything. 

Lori Kiser

The trip was absolutely amazing! Please include both of us on the group contact exchange list. I want to be able to get in touch with everyone. It was a great group of peopyle!  

Deb& Steve Billow ~ Fr. Zacharias Pilgrimage ~Apr.2015


It was a WONDERFUL trip and I think it was due to the terrific people that went on this trip.  Everyone got along famously and I consider myself very blessed to have gotten to know them.  The down side now is that I miss everyone and want to be back walking miles and miles with them.  Favorites for me, besides getting to know everyone, were the catacombs, Vatican gardens, the cupola, Sorrento, Ana Capri, seeing Papa Francis, spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in St. Peter's, comparing steps and miles with Christine, getting a little tipsy with the girls at Rosies.  No, I take that back, it was all my favorites and I am so blessed to have such wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Jane Moyer ~ Fr. Zacharias Pilgrimage ~Apr.2015


This morning I was cleaning up some things off my kitchen counter including a note we had gotten from Chris previous to the trip with a list of names of folks going on this trip.  At the time there was no emotional connection to these names except for the few that I knew.  Today I carefully cut out that list of names and placed it on my refrigerator - you need to understand that is a place of honor in my home.  Every time I look at it a prayer will be sent up for blessings for all of you.  I will ask the Good Shepherd to bless you that day as only He knows you need a blessing.  

Joe & Terry Plas ~ Fr. Zacharias Pilgrimage ~Apr.2015

"I enjoyed our trip so much- the shrines and also the wonderful people in our group! I was amazed at how we became a little 'family' for the week and grew to know one another. Everyone will always be my 'bus tour family'. And you were such a wonderful and personable guide!!! Thank you for everything you did to make our trip so enjoyable!
Ruth Coble

"I have put all my pictures up on FB. WOW! I took 669 pictures. Have already received lots of comments and talked to many people at church this morning telling them what a wonderful time we all had. It was AWESOME!!!We loved getting to know all of you. This was a very friendly and fun group. We liked the intimacy of a small group. Hope to do it again somewhere in the future too!"
Gary and JoAnn Fettrow

"With this being my first overseas excrusion and one guided by atravel agent (Miss Lori). I must say IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! We saw so many amazing sites yet didn't seem to be rushed. I enjoyed spending time with you all. Cheers to new friends! God Bless."
Jeanie Wongrowski

"Dear Chris, It was fabulous! Lori was so caring and so much fun. And Paddy was a treasure. Mel was his usual kind and hlepful self. We had a most congenial group, with everyone looking out for each other. The pony and trap trip through the Gap of Dunloe was a treat. And the boat ride on the lakes was scenic from a different point of view than just driving by. Kilkenny was the highlight for me. Right now I'm playing the cd I bought from the Irish singers in the pub. I have lifelong memories and new friends. Thank you!"
Mary M. Laurel

"I have been meaning to send this thank you since we returned from our amazing trip with Fr. Grassi and the St. Thomas Catholic Church. Thanks again for being such a wonderful tour guide and for taking the boys under your wing. Please tell Madeline that I have made her pasta recipe and Ian has given it a 'thumbs up!' It's nice to have a meal that reminds us of our trip."
Kathy Nichols

"We wanted to express our gratitude for all you did to make our trip wonderful. We were truly blessed to have our daughter Andrea join us... she enjoyed everything! The Basilicas were wonderful and we are sure we would not have seen as much or knew where to go without your expertise. Thank you so much. Hope to see you again & God Bless You!"
Tony & Ginny Lucarelli

"Our excursion to Rome was exactly what I expected. I was prepared and catered to by the Pinnacle folks in every aspect of the Roman experience...This was a can't miss opportunity; a trip of a life time... I would recommend the experience I had with Pinnacle Travel to everyone."
Bob Thornell

"Pinnacle Travels experienced tour guides were instrumental in helping our small religious focused group truly 'Truly Discover Rome'. We frequently traveled on the city/metro bus system and/or simply walked the picturesque streets and boulevards to our predetermined points of interest... I particularly enjoyed dining at the excellent family operated neighborhood restaurants and wine bars selected by our guides...Our excursion to Rome with Pinnacle turned out to be exactly the type of experience I was hoping for in my trip to this awesome travel destination."
Gary Dowler, PhD

"My husband and I were so blessed to be able to travel to Rome with Greg. Greg's knowledge of how to get around Italy and also being able to go with a small group allowed us to see so much more of Rome than would have been possible with a large tour group. We would highly recommend anyone wishing to live in Rome as a Roman to travel with Greg."
Jane & Chuck Moyer

"My experience in Rome hs givenme a greater appreciation for my faith. Pinnacle Travel & Tours took care of all the arrangements, thus eliminating any apprehension traveling in a foreign country. They thought of everything."
Lori Kiser

"Rome is the most exciting and stimulating destination for your honeymoon. Pinnacle Travel & Tours took care of everything."
Joel & DeeDee Smith

"We could not have accomplished so much in such a short period of time seeing both religious sites and Ancient Rome. Greg knew where, when and how to get around Rome. We did not have to think. He was wonderful with the children- we laughed our way through Rome! Greg made it fun. He made it informational. He made it FUN!"
Charlie and Michelle Murray

"Here is the Italian cake I promised you. It's an old family recipe. Hope you enjoy it. It's my way of thanking you for the great trip and especially for being so kind to me for being the 'slow one'. My knees are much better--thank you!"
Janet Reeves

"As a priest, I find it very rewarding to show Catholics the city of Rome and the share its Catholic legacy with them. I am renewed in my priesthood and am grateful to have prayed in so many beautiful churches at the tombs of so many great Saints of our church. My friends at Pinnacle Travel and Tours, who have taken care of my pilgrimages, truly understand that every excursion to Rome, in one way or another, is a life changing experience."
Rev. Todd M. Dominique, Pastor of St. John The Evangelist Parish

"I think the highlight for me was the Scavi Tour. Unbelievable. But, honestly, everything we did was enjoyable. Thanks for all of your assistance in making this dream trip for our family."
Chris, Steve, Sarah, and Jenny Schaller

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